Swift Order Fulfillment

Our website offers expedited order processing and we also provide the option for discreet in-store pickup during operating hours.

Locally Grown Cannabis

Our cannabis products are locally & legally cultivated to the highest standards, ensuring quality & unique, regionally-specific strains.

On-Premises ATM Services

Our cannabis dispensary in Hobbs features an on-site ATM, providing secure and convenient cash withdrawals without needing to travel elsewhere.

Knowledgeable Professionals

We pride ourselves on our expert team of professionals who provide one-on-one customer service & expert guidance.

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Featured Products

Our dispensary is proud to showcase a selection of carefully curated featured products that highlight the best of what we have to offer.
What People Say

Our Testimonials

We love hearing from our satisfied customers and their testimonials help us to continuously improve our dispensary and the products and services we offer.

"This dispensary has become my go-to spot for relaxation and creativity. It's a fun and welcoming environment, and I always leave feeling inspired."

Kevin Happy customer

"I was hesitant to try cannabis for the first time, but the team at this dispensary made the experience easy and stress-free."

Leslie Happy customer

"As a medical cannabis patient, I rely on this dispensary for consistent, high-quality products that help me manage my chronic pain."

Juliet Happy customer


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