Frequently Asked Questions

CBD does not have contraindications with prescription medications. However, it’s advisable to maintain regular check-ups with your physician and adhere to your prescribed treatment plan. In simpler terms, always follow your doctor’s guidance concerning your medication.

Our full-spectrum products contain minimal traces of THC, which might be detectable in drug screenings. In contrast, CBD isolate products are THC-free and won’t register on such tests. Feel free to inquire about the specific product you’re using or considering to ensure you have all the information you need.

Yes. Children can safely consume CBD. For the treatment of their children’s autism or ADHD, many parents opt for CBD.

Absolutely, even if you’re incorporating THC into your daily routine, you can still experience advantages from CBD. While most THC products do contain some CBD, the concentration is typically just a small fraction of what you’ll find in our products.